Thinking about space .

At the start of this year I made a decision ( again ) to start taking my art seriously .Like most new year resolutions I make them every January 1st and by the time Feb has come around all my good intentions are forgotten again . This year I was determined to be different . Plans were made including a house move that would include some studio space .Art Exhibitions signed up for and even art mentoring paid for . 2020 was going to be busy and it was going to be epic.

Well we all know what happened next .An unprecedented turn of events (oh how I have grown to hate that phrase ) which meant I was now expected to home school 3 children and navigate the emotional uncertainty that came with a pandemic. The house move was delayed , the events cancelled and my motivation ran away .

For literally weeks of this year I failed to create at all . At first I think I was in shock , then I was busy with children . Then I would get started when we moved to the new house . Or maybe once we had settled and then of course the big one ..when the children returned to school . Slowly my creativity returned but not enough and I have been feeling increasingly frustrated .

I had all this space , all these materials , all these ideas and yet still I wasn’t creating . What I was doing was scrolling aimlessly on Facebook or binging shows on Netflix. Basically wasting my time and then being angry about it . In contrast my partner is going great guns. I looked at him with jealous eyes as he worked away in his new workshop getting it all set up and the projects getting started . Why could he do it when I couldn’t ?

I do have a commission to work on though so despite my reluctance I had to do some art . As I set up to work on the round dining table , scrabbling around to find my materials that mostly are still in boxes , moving toys and games to find space it occurred to me what was wrong. I have this amazing conservatory to work in , to make my art studio but I hadn’t set up ! The reason my boyfriend was working so well in his workshop is because he had made it a workable space . At any moment he can pop in and make a start because it is organised in a way that means whether he has 10 minutes or 2 hours he can do something !

It was a like a light bulb being switched on . I immediately swap the round table for a square garden table which is much easier to work at ( not a permanent solution but workable ) and set it up as my desk . There is a space for my laptop , my cutting mat , pots of pens , pencils and craft blade handles and my reference books are to hand .

Let me tell you it has made a world of difference. Now I can get up and sit straight at my desk to work . My desk is just for me so I don’t need to clear anything or ask anyone to move . Plus I can safely leave a project and come back to it without worrying . I am feeling positive again .

So if you too are struggling with getting started take a look at your creative space and think about the set up . Maybe making a few simple changes could kick start you too .

Rowena xxx

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