Keep Beating

The second in my papercut series ‘Botanical Bodies’ .  The first piece was lungs , as an asthmatic it was the obvious choice however the heart I knew I definitely wanted to include. It is so important that we take care of the heart , both physically and emotionally .

I am lucky , my heart beats strong and I am surrounded by love that keeps me feeling happy and supported. Not everyone is blessed in the same way and poor heart health is something that unfortunately my family has experience with . I wont pretend I understand the illnesses but what I do know is that some of the strongest people I know ,have had to deal with so much , born with conditions that affect this vital organ. 

In my work I often include hearts , you know the cutesy ,cupid , valentine shape . However for this series I needed to find the beauty in the ‘real’ heart shape. While I made the initial sketches I soon realised that there are many variations of heart . I spoke with people whose heart had pieces missing or were ‘wired’ up differently for example .

With ‘just breathe’ I had donated some of the profits to a cystic fibrosis charity and this time I wanted to donate again. However instead of sticking with the initial design I decided to make some special editions ( some of which are still in progress , work halted a little when the pandemic hit ) . So as well as the white cut ‘Keep Beating ‘ there is also a colourful ‘Handmade Heart ‘ to represent the condition, Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

The afore mentioned pandemic has meant that I haven’t moved forward with making a donation to a charity yet but a percentage of sales with be allocated accordingly .

Prints of this piece and others in the series are available at

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