Just Breathe

The first piece in my Botanical Bodies series . Created before I even knew I wanted to have a series of work , before I identified as a real artist . In fact this wasn’t even supposed to be a papercut . At the time my skill weren’t at the standard that would have allowed this to be cut . My passion for papercutting was emerging but I was doodling and sketching for fun .

I was suffering with yet another bout of bronchitis requiring antibiotics and steroids. I was fed up of feeling ill , fed up of taking tablets and fed up of feeling weak . Breathe . Such a simple task and yet at the time seemed so difficult . I began exploring alternative solutions to my health problems , including yoga and essential oils . During my research I was inspired to begin this sketch . Lungs being helped by things found in nature , flowers , herbs and patience.

When the drawing was completed it got filed away . Not a lot that a created saw the light of day back then . It was soon forgetton about and i moved on .

Fast forward a couple of years and I came across the sketch during one of my Marie Kondo inspired decluttering sessions. My confidence and skill with cutting paper had grown considerably and as soon as I saw the drawing I knew I had to try and cut it !

It wasn’t and easy task , many small details making it challenging but I was pleased with the result . I shared it with my community and it was very well received. Encouraged by the response I decided for the first time to have professional prints made so they could be sold . The original I kept , I had an idea for a series of work depicting different organs and ‘Botanical Bodies’ was born !

Prints of this piece and others in the series are available at https://www.artintheheart.co.uk/store/ret-row-art/

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