Keep Beating

The second in my papercut series ‘Botanical Bodies’ .  The first piece was lungs , as an asthmatic it was the obvious choice however the heart I knew I definitely wanted to include. It is so important that we take care of the heart , both physically and emotionally . I am lucky , my heart…Read More

Just Breathe

The first piece in my Botanical Bodies series . Created before I even knew I wanted to have a series of work , before I identified as a real artist . In fact this wasn’t even supposed to be a papercut . At the time my skill weren’t at the standard that would have allowed…Read More

Thinking about space .

At the start of this year I made a decision ( again ) to start taking my art seriously .Like most new year resolutions I make them every January 1st and by the time Feb has come around all my good intentions are forgotten again . This year I was determined to be different .…Read More