Be more toddler and other thoughts from my manifesto .

Today while listening to one of my favourite podcasts ( PODCAST – Alice Sheridan: contemporary artist) I started getting ideas for my personal manifesto . If you haven’t come across this idea before a personal manifesto is a declaration of your core values and beliefs, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life. It functions both as a statement of principles and as a call to action. I had intended to do both a ‘life’ one and a specific version for my art but do be honest it would pretty much be the same so why make extra work ( ooo adding that to list ! )I thought to be honest I would struggle to think of much to include . I feel like I am a pretty unremarkable person so my core beliefs are pretty standard .Why bother writing them down? However not one to shy away from a task I thought I would give it a go . Well I have to say seeing my beliefs and values written down is quite powerful and the more I wrote the more inspired I felt . I think it will be really useful to reference back to this document on a daily basis . Remind myself why I am doing what I do and use my time wisely . It will help with my decisions. Request goes against something on this list its a no ! Job done ! One point I really liked was ‘Be more toddler – ask why ‘. Any parent or person who has spent any time around a small child will tell you that the why phrase can be totally infuriating . Even the most simple statement or question it met with the response ‘but why?’ However it is a fantastic way to learn and if you can adequately explain to your child WHY it’s important to do something then not only are they more likely to do it but also they will remember to do it next time . If you don’t know why then maybe its time to find out or decide if it really is that important ! So moving forward I am going to ask myself why . If I can’t think of a good reason maybe I don’t do it .

Have you written a manifesto and has it helped you ?

Love Rowena

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