An update from me

Ah I always have such good intentions when it comes to writing blog posts . I often ‘write’ posts in my head , imagine which pictures I will use to illustrate my point , what links I will include to explain influences and even how I will format it . In reality however I rarely take the time to sit and create these fabulous posts . Instead what you get from me is the occasional rambling often with out a picture or link in sight . This is one of those times ! I’m not even going to try and pretend I will become more regular about writing anymore . I think the pressure puts me off . I will write when the mood takes me or I have something important to say .
This second lockdown has been peculiar in many ways especially as it doesn’t really feel like much changed . I have one child in isolation due to a burst school bubble so that is weird but apart from that it has been business as normal for the most part . One big problem has been that the exhibition I am appearing in had to delay its opening which is a real shame . I am hopeful though that it can finally open next week and how wonderful would it be if my work sold , what a boost in time for Christmas !
I have been busy with some commissions but they are all complete for now so I find myself looking for inspiration to work on something new . Looking out in to my garden is influence a lot of my drawing so expect to see more flowers , birds and trees ! I do want to incorporate more layers and colours into a collection for 2021 so playing with some ideas for that . Also I think the botanical bodies series has one or two more pieces to come before it’s complete so I really must look at that .
Next week my very first foray into cards will be arriving ! A print of my piece based on the song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ which I think will look lovely framed as a gift . I will post again when they are available but in the meantime you can see the image over on my Instagram page ( link on my contact page )

I hope you are having a happy creative week and I look forward to writing again soon !

Love Rowena xxx

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